Since 1996, Sanders & Associates, Inc., more commonly known as Pageant Associates, has been producing events for the Miss Universe Organization and has attracted some of the pageant industry’s best and brightest. Together, they produce the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state preliminaries in Indiana, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Success has been a standard both sought after and achieved by Pageant Associates.  To date, 26 Pageant Associates State Titleholders have placed as a semifinalist at the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA national competitions, while nine have placed as top five finalists.  Want more? Two Titleholders have been named Miss Photogenic, and three Titleholders have been named Miss Congeniality at these national events. Last but certainly not least, we have had one Titleholder become Miss Teen USA and two Titleholders win the Miss USA crown.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, as we are here to support you every step of the way in making this pageant the thrill of a lifetime – one that will prepare you for a bright and successful future ahead!


Randy Sanders

state director

Randy is the President of Sanders & Associates, Inc., (dba-Pageant Associates), and serves as the State Director for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state preliminary pageants in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Randy currently serves on the State Directors’ Advisory Council for The Miss Universe Organization and as a consultant for the West Virginia Association of Fairs & Festivals.  Among the honors that he has received are the Miss USA State Director’s award, the Miss Teen USA State Director’s award, and the Miss Teen USA State Director of the Year award. He has seen many of his Titleholders place as a semi-finalist or finalist, and was the State Director for Logan West when she became Miss Teen USA, and for both Kimberly Pressler and Erin Brady when each won the Miss USA Pageant.


Francesca Masone Davis

assistant state director

Francesca is the Assistant State Director of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA state preliminary pageants for Indiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Along with the day to day responsibilities of helping organize and produce the state pageants, Francesca oversees the preparations of our state Titleholders for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA national pageants, bringing her unique point of view as a parent (having raised 10 children), pageant judge and as an event organizer to help them each rise to the challenges of being a public figure. Additionally, she handles the daily schedules of all 6 Pageant Associates Titleholders as their Titleholder Manager, which includes approving their appearances and all pageant related activities.


Heather McCarley

contestant coordinator

Heather guides each of our contestants through the process of fulfilling all of the necessary requirements to compete for the Miss USA or Miss Teen USA state title.  Once you have completed the application process, she will provide the paperwork and guidance, along with your own personal deadlines, to make sure that you will be ready to compete for the title of Miss Pennsylvania USA or Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA.  Available to answers any questions, you should feel free to contact her at, or by calling the office during regular business hours.